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Privacy Policy and Disclaimer

CollegeRecord is an archival organization for college and university academic records, transcripts and degrees. We provide third party records to employers, colleges and other organizations. Our mission is to provide impartial and nondiscriminatory archive services for undergraduate and post-graduate academic records.

CollegeRecord will protect the rights of individuals that have records archived within our database by ensuring privacy and industry standard protocols in the release of information to a third party. CollegeRecord will only release information to employers and other organizations upon the request of the individual whose information is stored in our database. Employers will have free access to the information contained in our database and it is accessible by using a personal identification number (PIN). The individual whose information is stored in our database provides this PIN to the third party. By providing this PIN, it is understood that the third party is granted access to the individual’s private information.

The information provided to employers and other organizations is solely for their own use. This information cannot be resold, duplicated or used in any other fashion without the express consent of CollegeRecord.

CollegeRecord reserves the right to assess the data provided by an individual or organization and this may or may not result in the addition of the content into our database. While CollegeRecord does its best to maintain all on-line services, it cannot be held responsible for any downtimes as a result of database refreshes, performing website updates, or data inaccuracies. CollegeRecord has maintained a 99.8% uptime since inception. Each individual or entity that archives records into the CollegeRecord database is solely responsible for the data contained in their records. CollegeRecord does not accept responsibility for the content or accuracy of any archived records.


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